Being lazy. Through scripture, God teaches us to be busy, to be active, to be productive in our lives. It is through this activity that we earn our living or get an education, participate in sports and other recreational activities, interact with family and friends, and most important, serve Him.

You see, lazy people make bad servants.

Be busy working while there is still light, because night is coming. That means that until Christ returns, we need to be busy serving God so that His plan can be fulfilled. God has a plan and purpose for
everyone's life, and for every situation. Since we can't know the entire mind of God or what His specific plan and purpose is in every case, our job is to simply be obedient. God then uses our obedience in serving Him, to accomplish His purpose.

Now I realize that many take a scriptural position that we really don't have to do anything because God is going to do it anyway. Others put the dependence on the actions of man for God's plan to unfold. The Bible actually teaches that it is a blending of those extreme positions where it becomes the sovereignty of God working in conjunction with the activity of man. As far as the issue of being lazy is concerned, the Bible clearly tells us in many passages that it is a sin to be lazy and nonproductive.

Don't fall into the trap of laziness. If being lazy is an issue that you battle with, it is time to recognize it and battle to conquer laziness just like any other sin in our lives.

God can give you the strength to become more active and productive in your daily life. It really is about having focus, having goals, and having projects to complete at all times. In other areas of your life, you have much going on, but often the sin of laziness the Bible is speaking of occurs in our service for
God. We have energy to do other things, but in our service to God, we tend to slack off. My prayer is that you will be just as energetic in serving the Lord as you are in other areas of your life.

Make this an active productive day of service for the Lord. He has blessings above and beyond anything you could ever imagine if you just follow Him, love Him, and serve Him each and every day.

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller (used with permission)


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