2 Timothy 3:16 - KJV "16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness."

The attempt to make God's inspired, inerrant Word politically correct. Anyone who reads my Devotionals will hear almost every day the importance that I place on God's Word. IF the Bible is not God's inspired, inerrant Word, then ALL Christians are not only wrong about what they believe, but their faith is in vain! IF the Bible is not God's inspired, inerrant Word, then all that we believe is a lie, and we are most sad among people. The good news that I want to share with you today is that the Bible IS God's inspired, inerrant Word. It has proven to be the instrument on which we can place our hope and very lives. While this can be a very deep and complex issue, I would suggest ALL Christians go to your local Christian bookstore, and buy some books (there are tons) on the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. Those books will not only give you the confidence that our faith is in the right place, but help you answer those who would mock the Bible as being nothing more then a book of nice stories.

The funny thing is, EVERY group or person who tries to speak against God, condemn Christianity, live in rebellion to God, or promote another faith, DOES THEIR BEST TO MOCK, BELITTLE, AND DENOUNCE THE BIBLE!!! You see, they MUST do that, since the Bible clearly defines their rejection of God as sin! The FIRST thing those who support the choice of people to engage in homosexual behavior do is try to minimize the Bible. They MUST do that since the Bible clearly says their choice of that behavior is a sin. Those who have been blinded to follow other faiths ALWAYS try to poke holes in the Bible, since they MUST neutralize the Bible to justify their rejection of it! People who live in rebellion to God, people who choose to put their faith in anything other than the God of the Bible, MUST attack the Bible since its' very words condemn them! Sadly, as I write these words, there are several new translation of the bible hitting the marketplace. One is a gender friendly translation to appease those who fight for women's rights. The other is a "homosexual friendly" version for those who choose to engage in this sinful activity.

During the time I was taking my Masters of Divinity program, I took the time and effort to learn Hebrew and Greek. These are the primary languages the Old Testament and New Testament were written in. I did this so that I could read the Bible in its original form. I am asked often what translation of the Bible is the best. Let me tell you, while I love the King James translation, the fact is, it is nothing more then an English translation of the original Hebrew and Greek text. The most accurate translation is the NAS. When I preach in public, I personally use the NIV since it is a very easy to understand, common English translation that most can easily comprehend. These are the three English translations that I recommend.

The Living and Amplified translations are OK, but they start to take some liberties with the original text.However, when you start to translate the Bible with the sole purpose of appeasing a certain group of people, that is WRONG! Not to get off track, but the entire women's movement that started in earnest in he 60's has not only totally missed the mark, but contributed in a BIG way to the downturn of the American society and helped women take a huge step BACK, not forward. Taking the entire counsel of God's Word, the fact is men and women are 100% equal, with different roles to play. It was an ignorance and rebellion to the plan of God as defined in the Bible by women that led to the movement that not only clouded the roles of women AND men, but has contributed to the increase in divorces and children growing up in one parent homes. To be fair, it was men ignoring THEIR God given roles that helped contribute to this social problem as well. A perfect example of how when people individually, or as a society decide to turn their back on God's Word and plan and do it their way, fail miserably. So an effort by some to create a Bible that is 'gender sensitive", is misguided and a complete disregard for the real message of that inspired, inerrant Book.
A translation that is "friendly towards homosexuals" is a complete and utter farce!

What is next, a translation that is friendly towards those who commit adultery? Or how about a translation friendly to those who commit murder? The fact is people who engage in homosexual behavior, CHOSE to do so, just like anyone who commits adultery CHOOSES to do that, and anyone who commits murder, CHOOSES to do that. A translation of the bible that is friendly towards anyone who is in rebellion to God is a joke, since you have to change many passages of that Word to make their choice of sin NOT a sin. Great idea, but as you can see, it is utterly ridiculous and mocks God Himself. By the way, ALL, ALL cults will use the Bible, but ALWAYS use writings in ADDITION to the Bible. God's Word wasn't good enough, so they have to ADD to it. Example, the Mormon's. They use the Book or Mormon in addition to the Bible. ALL cults do this.

I love you and care about you so much. I felt the need today to address this broad issue, since it is so central to our faith and our very lives. The funny thing is, when we live life God's way, the way that He lays out in the Bible, life works! When we deviate, do it our way, it fails. EVERY TIME! I pray today that you will gain a new respect, a new love, a new sense of awe for what the Bible really is. It is God's inspired, inerrant Word. It is the very truth that we not only can live our lives by, but stake our very lives on. To try and create translations that make us feel better, is not only absurd, but changing the inspiration that God gave to the original authors to placate a part of our society that is uncomfortable with what God says. The fact is, THAT is the purpose of the Bible. To hear what GOD SAYS!

God gave us each the freewill to accept or reject Him and His Word. For those who find His Word uncomfortable and want to change it, the FACT IS, the inspired, inerrant Word of God remains what it is, no matter HOW you may try to rewrite it. It is immutable. Unchanging. I pray that instead of trying to change God's Word, you change your life!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller