Revelation 12:11 - NAS -"And they overcame him because of the blood
of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did
not love their life even when faced with death."

Time to testify! The Bible tells us that there are 2 things that Satan
hates. First is the blood of the Lamb. That is understandable because it
is by the blood of Jesus Christ our sins have been washed away. Second is
the word of their testimony. Now why would the enemy hate that? Because it
is by the word of our testimony that we tell others what the Lord has done
for us. It is by the word of our testimony that we give hope to someone who is
going through exactly what we just came through the strength to carry on.
It is by the word of our testimony that we proclaim the enemy to be a liar
and defeated foe!!!

I have heard many say that they don't have a testimony. My friend, if you
know Jesus as your savior, you have a testimony. Your testimony is that
once you were lost, and now you are found. Your testimony is once you were
blind and now you see. Your testimony is that once you were going to hell
and now you have a mansion being prepared for you in Heaven. YOU HAVE A

The greatest and most effective way to witness isn't by memorizing passages
of the Bible, or being able to answer all of the tough questions. The most
powerful way for you to witness is by simply sharing with someone what the
Lord has done in your life. The answered prayers. The blessings. What God
has done for you personally is the best thing you can share with someone who
needs Christ in their life.

I get so many wonderful and powerful praise reports about how the Lord has
used this ministry as a tool in people's lives to help them see a prayer
answered or a miracle in their life. When you go to our website, , there is now a place right on the front page marked
PRAISE REPORTS where you can click and share your praise report. Each day,
we will feature one of the praise reports so that the tens of thousands who
visit Liveprayer.Com daily can read how God has worked in someone's them the hope they need to trust God in their own life and

I love you, care about you deeply, and want you to know God has put me here
to help you in your time of need. Never hesitate to contact me. I will
pray for you, help you any way that I can. I thank God each day when I wake
up for giving me the opportunity to share His love with so many people
around the world. He is a great and mighty God, and we must never forget to
share that with those He brings us into contact with. I will be anxiously waiting
each day to read the incredible ways God has moved in the lives of His
people, giving them a testimony to share with the world.

In His love and service,
your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller