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The PRINCE OF PEACE depicts the HOLY SPIRIT and the peace in which He brings to a Christian's life. The PRINCE OF PEACE banner was made by a good friend and her family whose testimony for this banner is...

"All of us were saved in the same 6 month period. The very first thing God did for our family was to bring peace within our home!"

So, they lovingly made this banner and contributed it to the ministry! The beautifully quilted, white dove stands for the Holy Spirit and peace. The dove's beak and feet are individually sewn beads on sequins. Lots of LOVE and TLC here!

The blue (sapphire) background is satin & the word "sapphire" in the Old Testament refers, a number of times, to God Himself. Blue has always been associated with trueness. How True God's love is for us!

The back (rollover image to see back) of this banner reads, "PEACE I bring unto thee" and is written with blue letters on white background. Again, Peace!!!

Reference - Judges 6:23 - "And the Lord said...Peace I bring unto thee."