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The JESUS banner is gold lahme on white satin material. The white depicts the PURITY of His character. (White as Snow!) The satin material reflects the BEAUTY of His name - JESUS! And how beautiful it is! JESUS!

JESUS was a HUMBLE man, and, therefore, was not all about fancy detail. So, this banner is plain YET beautiful - Gold on White. The JESUS banner heralds two 14' Chiffon Trains which follow gracefully behind it.

Children usually carry these trains in with the banner because, as we know, JESUS loved the children!!

This banner was inspired by Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL. Details that set this banner apart from its counterpart were handled by the banner makers.

The words on the back, "Name Above All Names" are white on white to inspire a "whisper" of the name.

This banner also heralds a crown which is used to "crown Him" during a worship service or placed on top as a fixture during a parade. The crown is made entirely of gold sequines and jewels.


This is the crown often used during a presentation to crown the Jesus banner to depict our King. The song most popular with this transaction is "Crown Him LORD of ALL!"

'bring forth the royal diadem
and crown Him Lord of All!'